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An Eclectic Spirit

An Eclectic Store

The Splitting of the Stores
series of dogs
I'm embarking on a new business idea.

I will be splitting my one shop into two.  Reason being is that I do so much different stuff and much of what I do is small - the listings are becoming massive, and my work is getting lost in the shuffle.

There are too many pages to browse, and too many items to positively "feature" any one of them.

Paradog Artworks - http://www.etsy.com/shop/paradog - Will feature the following:

  • Original Artwork both framed and unframed
  • Prints of Artwork
  • Key chains of artwork
  • Bookmarks both prints and hand drawn
  • ACEO (Artist Trading Cards)
Basically my 2-D work.

An Eclectic Spirit - http://www.etsy.com/shop/AnEclecticSpirit - Will feature the following:
  • Glass Pendant Necklaces
  • Light switch Plate Covers
  • Coasters
  • Glassware (Usable, not the "decorative plates")
  • Candle Holders
Basically my 3 - D work.

I figure this way people will have an easier time finding what they want at my shops.  This kind of split will most likely happen at my Artfire and Zibbet shops too.

I'm working hard at making this online selling thing work for me.  I hope that it does. 

Keep crafty,

New Etsy Items - Just in Time for Mother's Day
series of dogs
Hand drawn one of a kind bookmarks by me!  Bookmarks are laminated with durable 5 mil laminate.  NOT prints, these are original drawings!

7.00 each, free shipping worldwide!


Monday's Etsy Seller of the Week - A Day Late
series of dogs
WELCOME!  As you've noticed this is the new blog dedicated to all things Etsy (and a bit o Zazzle).  

Here I will promote two new Etsians every Monday, and keep you up to date on what is happening with me on Etsy and Zazzle.  New products, ideas and other things you might find interesting.

So without further ado.....


Welsh Witch Emporium

"Handcrafted in Wales, healing jewellery and many wonderful pagan collectables, embued with Goddess wisdom and Celtic magic. I am a Pagan Minister, Priestess and 'Witch' which actually means 'wise woman' from the Anglo-Saxon; blame history for the misuse of the word! I have studied at length the healing use of lithics as amulets from the Neolithic to present times, and hold a MA from the University of Wales."

In true Eclectic Style this shop has something for the witch, the geek, or the internet surfer in all of us.

Here are my top three picks from this unusual and interesting shop!

 Beautiful artwork available - from realistic watercolors to this vibrant painting!


A beautiful reminder of a cat gone from your life.  Unique and special enough to carry that memory!

Left:  For all who love things weird, a unique Salad Fingers Doll, as seen on YouTube. Yes it's sad, and very obscure! But in an insane way it's also funny......
You either love it or hate it.  You can even get his finger puppets!

Next is http://www.etsy.com/shop/detailsgirl  - DetailsGirl

"If God is in the details, I’ve been working for him all my life. When I was in my teens my best friends gave me the nickname because of my persistent questions on the dullest of subjects…some might say my need to know borders on a Monkish level of OCD, but as that was a popular TV show for so many years, I don’t mind the comparison and thank you."

Adorable hand sown sock animals!  Check them out!

 I absolutely love these two - Sushi Sock Dog and Bacon Earmuffs?  So much awesome in such a creative store!




Check back tomorrow for updates on my Etsy and the new offerings therein!